A Fresh Start: Coupons on Dates

Ladies and gentlemen,

It’s great to step into the blogging world. Somewhere where I can talk about semi controversial issues that frequently emanate in our daily lives. I’m here, not to vent, but rather express an opinion on matters that I come across. Today, my thought process was triggered when I stumbled upon an issue while working — using coupons on a date.

Considering StretchE.com is an online coupon website, I want to begin by reinforcing the credibility of this blog by mentioning that I’m not writing about couponing because I work for a coupon company. Instead, I bring up the topic because I discovered a Yahoo Answers question which happened to be, “Would I look cheap using a 2-for-1 coupon on a date?”

Now, whether you’re a man paying for a woman or vice versa, coupons can become a controversial issue. My question is why? I mentioned this to my coworkers and my boss, and it seems as though it has become considered taboo to use coupons on a date. Now I’ll admit, I would never use a coupon on a first date because I’m trying to create a first impression, but I might use coupons on a healthy, stable relationship. What’s your first thought that comes to mind when you read that? Cheapskate? Well allow me to retort.

You can take this into two perspectives: the male perspective and the female perspective. Allow me to start by talking about the female perspective. Ladies, the reason I would tell you to allow your man to utilize a coupon is because the more money he saves, the more money he has available for your relationship. If I have more money to spend, I have more money to spend on you. In the words of my boss, “tell her that your money will eventually be her money.” She’ll be wooed like you just took her to the moon and back in a hand crafted spaceship made of wood.

Men, I’m going to make this really easy for all of us. If you use coupons on dates, not only will you have more money for your lady, but you’ll have more money for yourself too. That means the money from the 15% off you’ve accrued on multiple date can be spent on Madden 2012 that you’ve been wanting to buy. I’ll give you two situations you don’t use coupons on a date.

1) If you’re Bill Gates. Honestly, if you can afford it, just pay for it! It’s that simple. I’m not making millions of dollars (yet :]), but when I do, I’ll stop using coupons!

2) First date. I MUST repeat myself. DO NOT USE A COUPON ON A FIRST DATE. Using a coupon on a first date would be like jumping in mud, chewing on raw onions and garlic, fumigating yourself with garbage, and then trying to go in for the kiss. You’re there to create a first impression (as I mentioned previously). Make it a good one.

Anyway, please share your opinions (we’ll delete any immature posts containing cussing or insulting). Try a Johnny Rockets coupon from our website next time you decide to go out too.

Thanks for reading and stay up,

Shan Mahmood


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