Lets Change it UP! Few Reasons to Sky Dive!

Does it seem insane to you that anybody would ever skydive

That people would intentionally fly way up in the sky and then jump out of an airplane or helicopter or balloon? Does that seem a little wacko?

But what about all those people who do it for fun?

Who make a sport out of jumping from very high places, whether it’s an airplane or a bridge or a high cliff? Can you imagine even one reason a person would skydive? Well, here are five:

Bragging rights and war stories

After all, if you have a skydive or two under your belt, you get bragging rights whenever people are telling war stories about all the scary things they have done. It’s something you can tell your grandchildren to make them proud of their heritage. It gives you a great story to tell when you get together with friends, and as well, you will beable to “one up” just about everybody in the room.

Many people want to reassure themselves that they have what it takes.
Bragging to others is one thing but there is an even greater satisfaction and sense of confidence that comes from knowing that you can face a challenge as difficult as jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

People who skydive talk about the feeling of flying.

They are fascinated with the science and technology of skydiving that allows you to control your movement through the air. Whether you are part of a skydive team and do free fall formations and tricks, or you prefer to do solo skydives and enjoy the sensation of flying, skydiving is more than just falling through the air. You use your body to move the way you want to, and that’s flying.

Some people like to skydive for the thrill, the adrenaline rush.

Some people seem to get addicted to it because it is such a powerful rush.

Some do it to experience the beauty and feeling of freedom.

People who skydive speak rapturously of the beauty and the sense of freedom they experience. They speak of floating through the clouds, and seeing over the horizon, and they love feeling free and unfettered.

Even if going to skydive seems crazy to you, it is a perfectly sane thing to do for a lot of people.

They have good reasons for enjoying skydiving; reasons that make them want to do it over and over and over again.

Need to live a little right?


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