NFL Season is now open

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and no I don’t mean Christmas. I’m talking about the beginning of the NFL season. Although the holidays are great, it’s just a feeling that it doesn’t give you compared to the Football season. Every time the season is finished, my friends and I get incredibly amped and anxiety driven for the next one.  This season I’ll be participating in multiple fantasy leagues for the third or fourth consecutive year, and my strategy seems to be developing while the amount of competition involved in my leagues is increasing as well. When it comes to the league, trash talk is intense and infinite (I love it).

I’ve noticed that fantasy leagues have become strikingly popular. People that have never

My boy, starting QB Mark Sanchez, from my hometown.

watched football are starting to become heavily involved and excited about the upcoming year (men and women alike). If you ask me, there’s nothing like a bunch of rookies joining a fantasy league, it’s like free wins (LOL). How many of you have been a league where Randy Moss or Peyton Manning was drafted incredibly early? I love hearing about pick ups like those that just have me laughing hysterically (please don’t be offended if this is you… but still… come on. Hahahaha). Here are some of the busts, amazing sleeper picks, and studs for the week.

Bust(s) of the week: Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles, Owen Daniels, and LeGarette Blount

Who would’ve thought the Chiefs would be destroyed by the Bills? I was absolutely shocked. Granted, maybe the Bills would be able to compete, but a blowout was unheard of. Not to forget that the Bills were one of worst rush defenses last year, so what happened to Jamaal Charles? It’s not that Charles did THAT bad, but he didn’t produce the 2009 Chris Johnson numbers that the professionals predicted. And if Jamaal Charles couldn’t produce, why did Dwayne Bowe struggle? He did pretty well during preseason. Finally, Tampa Bay was beat by Detroit. Everybody expected Blount to put up some numbers, but Suh shut him out. Is this the new coming of the Detroit Lions? Quite the amazing development if you ask me. Could the ex-Pro Bowler Owen Daniels put up numbers anymore? It seems as though the surgery on his ACL might have thrown off his game, best to hope for some more production in the future otherwise look to pick up Scott Chandler as a TE.

Sleeper(s)/Semi-Sleepers of the week: Cam Newton, Early Doucet, Jordy Nelson, Mike Tolbert, Cedric Benson, and Scott Chandler (???)

Number one sleeper of the week, Cam Newton

Cam Newton was probably the biggest surprise of them all. I personally expected Cam Newton to do well, but not 400 yards well. Newton is the first rookie to ever put up over 400 yards on the season opener. Early Doucet is now a legitimate weapon for Kevin Kolb, even outshining Larry Fitzgerald against Carolina. Jordy Nelson is a solid weapon for Aaron Rodgers, but as I like to tell my friends, the Quarterback often makes the receiver, the receiver doesn’t usually make the QB. Mike Tolbert, the wrecking ball for one of my favorite teams demolished the Vikings. Tolbert utilized Rivers ability creating 93 all-purpose yards, two receiving TD’s, and a rushing TD (incredible). Cedric Benson was a bust last year, but could he be compensating for all his criminal charges and for being a bust last year (Lol).Now the biggest surprise for me is Scott Chandler. Now I’d like to believe I know a lot about football, but I have NO idea who Scott Chandler is. He’s in the TE position and received 5 catches for 68 yards with two touchdowns. I’d say if you’re in need of a TE, pick up Chandler immediately (and hope it wasn’t a fluke).

Studs of the week: Drew Brees, Steve Smith, and Ray Rice.

Aaron Rodgers and Michael Vick performed as expected this year, but Drew Brees surpassed the two fantasy studs by throwing over 400 yards, and throwing a three touch downs (still surpassed by Cam Newton in yardage?!). Drew Brees is one of those QB’s I mentioned earlier that makes WR’s. With Marques Colston out for four weeks, expect Brees to continue doing damage on opposing defenses. Steve Smith was a stud. I guess without Delhomme throwing for the Panthers, there is a legitimate threat once again. Steve Smith received 8 catches for 178 yards and 2 TD’s (unbelievable that Newton could produce these kind of numbers as a rookie). If you’re in a PPR league, Ray Rice is back and axe murdering the Pittsburgh defense. With the chemistry flowing in Baltimore the way it is, expect Ray Rice and Boldin to see great numbers this year. As for TE’s, Chandler was the real remarkable TE of the week, everybody else either performed mediocre or up to par.

With the lockout severely affecting the season this year, it should come as a major surprise that some of these teams performed the way they did. Don’t make my mistake last year though. Don’t jump the gun on dropping any of your players just because they didn’t perform in week one, it was only an opener. Anyway, thanks for reading, keep your eye for more posts later this week.
Shan Mahmood


2 thoughts on “NFL Season is now open

  1. I’d advise not to jump on potential one hit wonders like Scott Chandler, until he proves himself with one more game. Some of your other sleepers, such as Early Doucet and Cedric Benson both would have crappy games if not for blown coverage on their longest plays.

    Just so I can assess if I should be listening to you or not, what’s been your fantasy league finishes in the last three years, if you don’t mind stating it?

  2. 1st place every year 😉 Lol jk. It’s been up and down depending on which league I was playing in. I’ve ranged between 2nd to 9th, but I was also one of the highest scorers in a couple leagues. I’m sure you’re already aware of that though. Huh JR?! Lol

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