Technology, Good or Evil?

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Today, I want to talk about the power of technology and our dependency on it. I moved into a new home with a few friends of mine, and because we didn’t call Cox, we’re suffering without the internet. Technology is like a drug, but we still reap some benefits from it. Think about modern technology today, and think about what sort of products you own. First things that come to my personal list are the following (this isn’t including whatever products my family owns):

  • iPhone 3G
  • PS 3
  • Wireless bluetooth speaker for the car
  • A 22″ 1080p television.

Now use your imaginations. Start taking some of these things away, and think about how you’d feel if you didn’t own these products. Start with your smart phone. If you own a smart phone, think about how many inconveniences arise because you no longer have all the apps they offer you. This includes google maps, pictures, internet, games, etc. Now let’s get rid of text messaging and HD televisions. What are you going to do with your life now? Finally, let’s take away the most convenient, dependent piece of technology known to man — the internet.

Want to know what I did/am doing without the internet at home? Yesterday I played some ball (which I don’t do frequently), watched a movie, read some of Ted Kennedy’s memoirs, and went out with some friends. If you ask me, I was pretty productive, except for the fact that I watched a movie (The Other Guys, in case you’re wondering, and yea it was a mediocre movie).

The fact is that we’ve grown dependent on technology, and it’s obvious. I can’t imagine living without my smart phone because of all the amenities it provides. I can’t live without being connected to all the friends I rarely ever see, but get to speak with over facebook. Ever since I got my tv a couple months ago (with PS 3, Netflix, blue ray capability), I feel like I ALWAYS have something to do or watch. I just finished Lost, and now I’m hunting through Netflix for other shows/movies to watch. Now I can’t imagine what it’d be like without it.

Anyway, the point I’m getting at isn’t that technology is evil. Contrary to hippie belief (LOL), TECHNOLOGY IS NOT EVIL. People complain about technology making us less productive, and it is, but it comes with certain amenities. Sure we have the ability to become lazy and complacent, but it also provides us with a world of knowledge. I read the news, learn from Wikipedia (Yes you DO learn from Wikipedia. Even if it has user editing capability, it’s still tightly monitored), and overall just intake valuable information I wouldn’t regularly be provided with. Personalities are shaped through the media and people learn from technology, some of it better than others though.

Recently, it’s been all over the radio and internet that Spongebob makes your children dumb (SURPRISE!!! LOL). Shows like that help contribute to make technology seem evil. There are also other shows/movies like Jersey Shore, Jack Ass, Twilight, or Ace Ventura that make us learn dumb things that we want to repeat. I guess overall, you just have to be smart enough to refuse to retain it for it’s lack of intellectual value, but instead temporarily enjoy the humor (I know I do because I am guilty of watching some of those, occasionally).

To refute my previous comments, there are other interesting shows/movies that provide intellectual information that would NEVER be seen had we not been provided with technology. This includes Planet Earth, Wild Boys (Yes the show with Steve-O and Chris Pontias), all those cooking shows, Anthony Bourdain, and many more. I’ve learned so much about animals, cooking, and traveling that the layman wouldn’t be presented with without the use of technology.

I’m sure you understand the point I’m getting at after ranting about all of this in my incredibly long blog. Technology is a GREAT thing, but should be used in moderation (kind of like alcohol.. Hahaha). If people use too much of anything, it usually turns out for the worst. Life is all about moderation anyway. Anyway, thanks for reading.

Shan Mahmood

P.S. I have learned a LOT from Wild Boys. Steve-O has learned a lot from his experiences also. If you get a chance to watch the show, take that moment. But watch with caution, that show gets kind of disturbing sometimes. Lol


3 thoughts on “Technology, Good or Evil?

  1. Lol. The point I was trying to make with that, is that he’s become so educated about the wild that he knew exactly how to avoid getting stung (Granted, everybody knows not to panic around bees). Ultimately, it’s a whole different thing to apply it. I thought it was brilliant.

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