Redbox vs NetFlix (How to save money watching shows and movies)

Technology has granted families more convenient access to movies than ever before. Many of the large chains that rented VHS and DVDs have gone out of business due to the new concepts in movie rentals. Today, there are two popular services that are much different that video stores in the last few decades.

Here is an overview of what is popular in the world of rented movies and tips for saving money on movies at home:

Redbox Versus Netflix

These days many families rely on either Netflix or Redbox to fulfill their movie needs. Redbox is a convenient vending-service style movie rental service. Customers can find Redbox machines in many locations including Walmarts, convenience stores, and malls. For $1 rental fee, Redbox users insert their credit cards to rent the video and then has a day to return it to prevent extra charges.

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Netflix customers have been seeing many recent changes including a name-switch to Qwikster (which is now officially dropped) for their DVD service. Customers can select movie rentals online through their account and put movies they want to see in their own queue. Movies are then shipped based on the queue order and customers only have to go as far as their mailbox to retrieve their movie selections. The company has also started a separate business that offers streaming, on-demand movies through the Internet and popular gaming devices.Netflix does cost more money than RedBox with two separate monthly subscriptions. To stream movies and televised shows will cost $7.99 per month. To receive DVDs by mail, plans start from as low as $9.99 per month. So, it’s worth the money if you order DVD’s at least more than 10 times a week.

Depending on your love of movies, either service may suit you well. If you enjoy the convenience of home delivery with no due dates, Netflix certainly has a vault of recently released and classic movies of all genres. RedBox users who are out and about each day can benefit from paying just a dollar for movie rentals but must be able to return movies on time to avoid excess costs.

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It’s just depends! From personal experience, I use Redbox and Netflix. I stream my favorite TV shows and movies with just a click of a button. We also got the DVD’s package and DVD’s are mailed to us. But sometimes, I would want a DVD right away just for convenience. You never know, you may need a last minute dinner date or Sunday family night movie ASAP.

But for now, here’s my recommendation: Stream your movies/tv shows and if you really need a movie, Redbox it to your closest kiosk. You can save a bundle from Netflix’s DVD Service. Come on, even if you have one Redbox Promo Code, it can save you 1 free movie per  bankcard. Yes, I said per card. Think of the possibilities.


Try Blockbusters Express

If your sick of seeing red, you can check out Blockbuster Express. They’re a great replica of Redbox with local kiosk all around your local area. Try something a litte different and see if you like it.

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Hulu Plus

I’m sure a lot of unhappy customers fron netflix already switched over, but if you wanted to stream your movies and favorite TV  shows, Hulu Plus would be your next safe bet. They provide on most gaming consoles and online.

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Other Options

Movie-watching is a great pastime for families, especially during the cold, winter months. There are other ways to get movies you love without spending a fortune or even a few bucks. These ideas include:


Most libraries have an extensive list of movie titles available for free to card-carrying customers of the library.

Family Swap

Friends and relatives probably love movies too so check in with them about which DVDs they have and plan to swap out. Not only is it a free way to see more, you can start a tradition of hosting movie nights for everyone to enjoy.

Discount DVDs

Look in discounts stores, dollar stores and even major chain stores for the cheap video prices now being offered. You can often get popular movies for $5 or less. Online sites like eBay or Amazon often have videos for less than a dollar plus shipping.

You don’t have to stop enjoying movies – just find a more creative way to watch them without spending so much.


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